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ETS Tube Runner

ETS Tube Runner

ETS Tube Runner

Our latest innovation is the ETS Tube Runner. This highly stable, steel-frame apparatus attaches to your skid/steer or any standard utility loader to allow easier installation of our Silt Tube compost filter sock. The Tube Runner is designed to lift and corral the Silt Tube so that the product is easy to transport and install in place.

Using the hydraulic bail guards to hold the pallet in place, the Tube Runner spins the Silt Tube off and along your install line. The apparatus comes in four easy-to-assemble parts. It spins naturally with the weight of the pallet so it releases the Silt Tube with minimum effort.

Our Tube Runner is available either for purchase or monthly rental. Discounts are available on our Silt Tube with Tube Runner rental.

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