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ETS Silt Tube compost filter sock

ETS Silt Tube Compost Filter Sock
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ETS Silt Tube Compost Filter Sock

ETS Silt Tubes

Photodegradable and Biodegradable Erosion Control

Our compost filter socks, branded as ETS Silt Tec Tube (or Silt Tube for short), are palletized mulch sediment logs. Also known in the industry as a “silt sock,” Silt Tube is EPA-approved.

Silt Tubes are an environmentally friendly, versatile, low-maintenance, economical, and natural erosion and siltration control barrier. They filter out pollutants and other particles that would otherwise be carried away by water runoff on sloped surfaces.

Silt Tubes are flexible, composted mulch wattles—providing a dimensional barrier for erosion and sediment control and storm water filtration. They are great for use in pipeline construction, constuction sites, farms, landscaping, and many other applications.

Silt Tube is one of the few products made that starts in nature, benefits nature and returns to nature. It is an effective, easy to install, and biodegradable option for:

  • Erosion control
  • Slope stabilization
  • Drainage control
  • Water filtering
  • Re-vegetation

Our Silt Tubes are available in various diameters from 8” to 24”. These tubes are stackable to build retaining walls, and maneuverable for staggering over descending, rough terrain. Their dimensional stability means that once they are installed, they are maintenance free. Silt Tubes can be reused or left in place after regeneration for natural seeding.


ETS Silt Tubes are EPA-approved, environmentally friendly products. Our Silt Tubes are filled with 100% organic, composted double-ground mulch from local hardwoods. This mulch is composted for 4-5 months to kill insect larva and eggs before filling and stacking in our Silt Tube fabric.

The tube fabric is photodegradable, and once plants have rooted, the fabric will disintegrate and leave a long lasting natural barrier to erosion from water runoff.

Learn more about our Silt Tube, including composition, applications, benefits, and dimensions


We offer a variety of options to make installation easy including:

ETS is a fully integrated operation—controlling every aspect of the Silt Tube process from composting and manufacturing to installation of the finished product. Contact us today.