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Other Products

In addition to our popular Silt Tube compost filter sock and Pipeline Skids, ETS offers a wide range of other products to help with your erosion control needs, including:
  • Hardwood Stakes: These stakes are designed to be used on their own or with the Redi-Driver for anchoring the Silt Tube to the ground. ETS hardwood stakes are machined with a conical end through our Keystone Stake Machine. Using only the toughest hardwoods, they are a nominal 2” x 2” and come in 3’ and 4’ lengths.
  • Erosion Control Blankets: ETS caries a large inventory of EZ Roll blankets designed to slow down the speed at which water moves across a ground surface, thereby helping prevent erosion. Made with biodegradable, weed-free straw, our EZ Roll double net erosion control blankets come with a cardboard core that enables full utilization of the blanket for the installer. EZ Roll blankets are very competitively priced and come in 100 sq. yard and 500 sq. yard rolls.
  • Standard and Wireback Silt Fence: Our standard silt fence is designed to be a high-quality, temporary sediment control device to protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers or lakes from loose soil in storm water runoff.
  • Straw Wattles: Also called fiber rolls or fiber logs, these are tube-shaped erosion-control devices filled with straw. When installed in combination with the Silt Tube or erosion control blankets, these devices help support revegetation and help slow, filter, and spread overland water flow. This helps minimizes rill and gully development. Wattles also help reduce sediment loads to streams by filtering runoff and capturing sediments.
  • Geo-Tech Fabric: Geotextiles can be used in a variety of ways for erosion control. Applications include: as matting to stabilize the flow of channels or swales or to protect seedlings on recently planted slopes until they become established; on tidal or stream banks, where moving water is likely to wash out new plantings; to temporarily protect exposed soils, such as when active piles of soil are left overnight.

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