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ETS Silt Tube compost filter sock

ETS Silt Tube Benefits

  1. Our compost filter socks provide excellent ground contact, ensuring that all water runoff passes through the filter tube. The flexibility of our ETS Silt Tubes allows them to be placed over rough and erratic terrain, while still providing solid ground contact.

  2. Easy to install, especially with the ETS Tube-Runner, forming to the lay of the land. Tubes are flexible and easy to place around obstacles.

  3. Bio- and photo-degradable with simple sun exposure, and easy to dispose of. Made using wood fibers, the product will help to enrich poor soils, as well as help prevent soil runoff. Once the barriers have allowed root systems to develop, a natural barrier to continue protecting your soil will develop, providing long-term erosion control.

  4. Easy to secure in place using hardwood stakes tamped in place. This will help retain your wall, without introducing non-biodegradable retainers that need constant maintenance.

  5. Environmentally friendly, Silt Tubes help to prevent damaging erosion caused by farming, land clearing, road construction, construction sites, excavation, oil industry and gas drilling. Heavy particles and sediment that would otherwise runoff are instead filtered or precipitate out.

  6. Longer lasting, less maintenance, and more effective than conventional mats and standard fabric fence erosion control systems.

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